More to love?

I am a huge fan of the show More to Love.  I felt strongly that Luke should pick ANYONE but Malissa and I was happy it was Tali.  At long last love has been found on reality television.

I feel these two are keepers and will get married and yes I admit that it is pathetic and sad that I actually think people go on reality shows to find love and his proposal was from the heart not his attempt to secure 15 minutes of fame.

This morning it occurred to me that I have not seen Luke and Tali on any talk shows, news shows, entertainment shows, nothing.  If you Google them all the finale stuff comes up but no update about where they are.  Seems a little strange to me and makes me wonder if the unthinkable could have happened. 

Is it possible that this couple, who met on a televised reality show, fell in love and got engaged after 5 minutes, have actually broken up?

Are me, Trista and Ryan the only people who believe this can work?  If Luke and Tali are still together and off somewhere planning a wedding then someone should let us know because I want proof.  Where are they?  I want to know that the time I spent investing in these people was not wasted. 

I’m going to keep watching these shows until I find another Trista and Ryan.  I want a reality show happy ending and am disappointed that this might not have been it.  I love reality television and I think it can work.  I also think JDate can work so clearly I have no real sense of what reality is.

To Luke and Tali I am sure you are off somewhere planning your wedding and living happily ever after as you run through meadows with butterflies and take a unicorn ride through a rainbow so send me a picture.  Do an interview. Do something. Do anything.  Just show you are together.

Finding love on a reality show could happen.  All it takes is a healthy dose of delusion and the ability to keep the faith.