Top Ten List

1.  I am beginning to think that I would rather stick my hand down my own throat and remove my kidney than spend one more day on JDate.

2.  I am not sure why Mike Fleiss has not called but I’m not giving up because I know he will call one day, we will have lunch and I will worship him in person as that is how it is meant to be.

3.  I think the Emmy show last night was great and Neil Patrick Harris was fabulous and the In Memoriam was brilliant and Jeff Probst should not be winning an Emmy.

4.  I am addicted to my farm on Facebook and actually set my phone alarm yesterday to harvest my pumpkin patch and no good can ever come of that.

5.  I will never understand the appeal of Ryan Seacrest and the fact that he makes so much money, has so many jobs and is so famous is in fact one of the unexplainable wonders of the world.

6.  I am baffled by the men who write me on JDate and my current favorite is “Bruce” who is 60 years old and assures me that even though he is out of my age range I will never know because he takes Viagra which by the way is the name of his dog.

7.  My mother is coming to visit this week for 12 days and I will try hard to not let her voice filter into my blog but if I start writing about how I should have another baby, consider dating a nice man from Israel and try to convince you that the speed limit on Coldwater Canyon should be 25 mph then you will know I have failed.

8.  I am over being single and by over it I mean I am over having to sort through so many frogs to find a prince and by sorting through frogs I mean that at this point if you were a decent toad I would probably be interested.

9.  I love this time of year, am happy that today is the last full day of summer,  went to a beautiful Tashlit Service yesterday and look forward to Kol Nidre which is my favorite.

10.  Even the most positive people wake up some days and no matter how blessed their life is, no matter how much hope they have, there are just some days where it’s tough to keep the faith and that’s ok because tomorrow is another day so for those of you who are struggling today know that I will keep the faith for all of us.