They’re not all winners

I don’t know what most lifestyle bloggers do but I write every day.  I write about me and my friends and our little piece of world. 

My postings take a look at dating as a single parent over 40.  I’m not changing the world just making fun of myself and I like to think they’re humorous.

I got a call from my friends “Ralph” and “Alice” informing me that some of my postings were too serious and they wanted to let me know that I’ve lost my funny. 

They are a fabulous couple who are hilarious and a perfect match.  Back in the old days, when I was funny, I liked them a lot. 

I think I should give all of you their contact info so they can provide you with a funny email each and every day.  I’m sure every word will keep you in stitches.

For their first date Ralph rolled up in a 1969 El Camino that had such bad springs every time he drove over the slightest bump Alice would hit her head on the roof. 

Alice overlooked his deathtrap and enjoyed the date because he was charming and funny.  Ralph was impressed by her because she was real and decent. 

It’s been almost 20 years since that first date.  You just never know where you will find love and you never know what people will think is funny. 

Alice found love in the front seat of a El Camino and Ralph found it because he had the faith that Alice would always keep the faith. 

As the New Year begins I will look forward to finding love and getting my funny back.  Shanah Tovah.