The Biggest Loser

I recently renewed my JDate membership because I believe it can work.  I have friends who got married and friends who are in committed relationships though JDate. 

Despite my hope for success however, I could write a book about the world’s most horrible dates and thanks to JDate I would be able to have several bestsellers.

My profile says I will date men age 40 to 53.  If I search for men within 40 miles of my zip code with that age range there are thousands for me to choose from. 

Yesterday however I officially hit a new low when JDate did something that made me want to get 16 cats, cover my furniture in plastic and never leave my house.

When I got my daily email that suggests the perfect match for me, I was surprised to discover that it was in fact, a woman.

JDate has decided that they have done all they can do for me and I should now be a lesbian.  They have given up on matching me with men.  Am I now officially the biggest loser for going back on JDate?

If it happened once I could tell myself it’s a computer glitch but it has now happened twice which is not a glitch so much as a hint.

I can certainly appreciate a beautiful woman and I’m flattered that the women they matched me up with were very attractive, but alas I’m a date a man kind of girl.

I am counting the days until my subscription is over.  I just don’t have the time to search for love and question my sexuality. 

I suppose I could think positive and be happy that if they are right I will double my wardrobe.  Perhaps I will add that I wear a size 8 shoe to my profile.

This morning I am going to get another cat, buy a tool belt, pick out a new lipstick and call it a day.  Sometimes it’s just easier to give in than keep the faith.