More to Love

I watched the finale of More to Love last night and I think we all know what I’m going to say.  I LOVE YOU MIKE FLEISS.

It was brilliant.  I have never been a fan of Malissa and she sealed her fate with me when her sister said she had never watched her nieces and nephews, not one time, and Malissa responded by saying she didn’t want to deal with kids that were not her own.  Oy Vey.

The whole time she was “falling in love” with Luke she was obsessed with the competition.  It was never about Luke so much as it was about winning.  Even in the end she could not say she loved him and so Luke did the only thing he could do, he dumped her!

Tali is the super pretty Israeli.  When asked about being Jewish and Luke being Christian she spoke about faith being important and that her kids could be raised with both religions and that they would be good people who believed in something bigger than themselves.  She was classy and I was proud of her.

Luke’s dad hated her answer and from the get go was pushing for him to not go with the Jewish chick.  Luke’s mom however saw right through Malissa and wanted him to pick Tali.

In the end Luke went with his mother’s choice and ultimately his own choice.  Tali was open and kind and told him she loved him which allowed him to be able to see Malissa for the freak that she was.

I LOVE IT that even a grown man of 27 listened to the advice of his mother.  As a single mother myself, it was a touching thing for me.  I LOVE IT that Tali knows she is a beautiful girl even though she is heavy and I LOVE IT that the subject of religion was discussed and not swept under the rug.

This was a great show.  I think it gives hope and perspective to single women who have real bodies and are looking for love.  Regardless of your size, age or religion, dating and meeting someone is hard and heartache is the same for everyone.  Mike Fleiss made a show about love.  In the end the fact that these were bigger girls was irrelevant.

Love is available for everyone and even though it sometimes takes longer to find, and your heart can be broken during the search, it is a journey worth taking.  This show was inspiring and showed me that in the end religion is not as important as keeping the faith.