As it should be

Have you ever had one of those days where everything feels like it is exactly how it should be and somehow all the planets align to give you a day that just makes sense?  It’s not necessarily the best day ever and nothing profound happens it’s just a day that feels normal and comfortable and it’s as if for just a moment, everything is as it should be.

I had one of those days yesterday.  It started with me having to drag my teenager out of bed.  The same teenager I might add who insists he can function on only 6 hours sleep when really I think he probably needs 16.  I made him breakfast and we chatted for a little bit.  I took him to school, came home and went on an hour and a half morning walk that passed by quickly with the help of Stevie Wonder.

My business partner came over and we immediately got into a very productive groove. He is my partner and best friend and it’s been strained between us lately.  When you hit a road block you can give up and turn around or you can simply drive over it and get on your way.  In realizing that all blocks can and will be removed, I was reminded that our future is clear, destined and within reach.

A good friend of ours came to join us for lunch and it was wonderful.  I picked up my son from school, we went to do some shopping, came home and he did homework while I made dinner.  We sat side by side with our computers and goofed around online.  We wrapped up the day with laughter and talking about plans for the future.

I tucked him in and we chatted in the dark for a minute before he dozed off.  I watched him sleep and was reminded of him as a baby.  I slept deeply and uninterrupted and woke up ready to do it all again today.  Yesterday was a normal day.  A gloriously normal day that was full of joy, simplicity and promise. 

I have a wonderful life and look forward to sharing it with a wonderful man.  Yesterday I was given a clear and vivid view of why I keep the faith.