Jewish Blog-Con: No Excuses for NOT Making Aliyah

” title=”top ten excuses Diaspora Jews give for not making aliyah”>top ten excuses Diaspora Jews give for not making aliyah. It made some people feel angry, some inspired, some ashamed, and some resentful. Here’s the bare-bones list:

10. But I can’t leave my family members
9. But I can’t make a living
8. But I don’t speak Hebrew
7. But I’m afraid for my life
6. But I don’t like the mentality
5. But I don’t want to live under Olmert and Peretz (substitute with basically any Israeli leader)
4. But I can do more for Israel in the US
3. But my spouse doesn’t want to go
2. But I’m a rabbi or Jewish educator bringing hundreds of Jews closer to Yiddeshkeit
1. Use your imagination

I’m sure I run the risk of being called a hypocrite after leaving Israel nine years after making aliyah,” title=”Nefesh B’Nefesh”>Nefesh B’Nefesh, the pro-aliyah organization that has helped thousands of Jews overcome their excuses for not making aliyah. I’ll chronicle their hopes, dreams and fears as part of the