International financier Andrew Cohen takes Hollywood to the bank

One of Hollywood’s behind-the-scenes powerbrokers is Andrew Cohen, an international financier who is gaining renown as one his industry’s top talents.

A Managing Director at JP Morgan, Cohen oversees the firm’s private banking for the Southern California region. It’s a job that, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal, is much tougher than Hollywood: “If Los Angeles powerbrokers think Hollywood is cutthroat they should try becoming a heavyweight at a wealth management firm. The job involves reeling in clients with assets of between $2 million to $100 million or more, and generally catering to their whims,” explained a 2006 article that directly referenced Cohen’s position and later quoted him.

The financial guru developed his expertise abroad while working at banking institutions in London, Geneva, Berlin and Israel. He spent a chunk of his time in wealth management, working for clients in Turkey and Israel. Cohen is an Australian native, who graduated with a degree in economics from Monash University in Melbourne before he beginning his professional career in Europe.

An avid Israel supporter, Cohen regularly organizes social gatherings and fundraisers centered on Mid-East politics, such as a recent event for Hollywood’s elite at the home of Chaim Saban. In 2007, Cohen’s leadership abilities were recognized with an appointment to the Forum of Young Global Leaders, a community of extraordinary achievers under the age of 40, established by the World Economic Forum and headed by Queen Rania of Jordan.