What do Britney Spears and the Holocaust have in common?

I’m not sure what to make of the director that thinks Britney Spears should star in a Holocaust movie (or any movie, for that matter) but rumors have the pop star returning to the silver screen to do just that.

Spears last starred in “Crossroads” which may sound unfamiliar because hardly anyone saw it.

According to Haaretz, Spears has been offered the lead in “The Yellow Star of Sophia and Eton,” which, according to the Israeli newspaper, “integrates time travel, concentration camps and a love story.” (Have you ever heard a stranger concatenation of plot points?) Spears would play the title role of Sophia LaMont, the female inventor of a time machine that whisks her to a concentration camp where she meets her beshert. Spears has yet to confirm her commitment because the snake-wielding chanteuse is currently touring in her “Circus” show. Although, I’m not sure why anyone would see the movie since it’s already been spoiled: the star-crossed lovers die at Nazi hands.

That’s too much Britney blues for me.

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