Speak Up, Bibi!

Millions of Iranians are marching for the democratic freedoms we take for granted. Their government is suppressing their protests with brutality and violence. The whole world is watching.

This is your moment.

This is your moment to lead the world and teach timid leaders this lesson: There’s a lot more to global diplomacy than “mutual respect and mutual interests.”

There’s also human values.

Like the freedom to speak your mind, practice your religion, protest peacefully and have your vote count.

Where’s the only place in the Middle East where you can enjoy all those freedoms? 

That’s right, Israel: a Jewish country that provides more freedom for Arabs and Muslims than any Arab or Muslim country.

Why are you not getting on the airwaves to trumpet your country’s heroic championing of those universal values?

Why are you not expressing unabashed support for the millions of courageous Iranians who are risking their lives for the freedoms that Israel stands for?

This is not a time for realpolitik or clever calculations. This is a time of revolution; a time when great leaders are made. Let Obama obsess over his carefully calibrated responses. You can act like Churchill and light up the world with your courageous truth. History will remember that you supported the forces of freedom.

Who cares if the brutal and deceitful Mullahs will try to exploit your support for their gain. Don’t let their conniving ways stop you from taking a principled stand. Have faith, like your ancestors, in the ultimate power of truth and justice.

If the only country that represents freedom and democracy in the Middle East won’t take a stand in its own neighborhood, then who will? Egypt, where they imprison gays? Jordan, where they imprison poets? Saudi Arabia, where they stone women?

We’re always complaining about Israel’s terrible PR—how the world is obsessed with the Palestinian conflict and ignores all of Israel’s virtues. Well, here’s your chance to finally change the subject. 

The whole world—and history—is watching.