A Fourth Day In June — Family Loses Son Named for Uncle Memorialized In Jewish Journal Article

On May 20, The Jewish Journal published “” title=”Read more here” target=”_blank”>Read more here.)

I was one of those teens. Dov gave me my first job in 1988, scooping ice cream at the Haagen Dazs in Century City, which he managed. He taught me not only to measure out a 4 oz. scoop, but to deliver it with the joy that befits premium ice cream.

Hundreds of people packed into Manny and Adaire’s small home one night this week as they finished their last night of shiva back in Los Angeles, after spending the week in Baltimore. Some of the visitors knew Dov, but all of them knew Manny and Adaire, beloved for the personal attention and help they offer to all who cross their paths. Adaire, the librarian for many years at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, also mentors people in the process of conversion. She was featured as a ” title=”click here” target=”_blank”>click here.