Did Former JDL Boss Confess to Bomb Plots?

Looking briefly at this, the “news” seems to be that Rubin admitted to what the government charged (and Krugel admitted), i.e, they planned to blow up the mosque and Issa’s office. I think few people, other than Irv’s wife, thought otherwise.

What’s more intriguing to me, if the FBI papers are genuine, is that Rubin might have had a change of heart toward Arabs/Palestinians

The Enterprise Report has the story:

“Never-before-seen FBI documents obtained by The Enterprise Report reveal Jewish Defense League Chairman Irv Rubin, while jailed on federal terrorism charges in 2002, claimed he admitted his role in a plot to bomb a mosque and the office of a Congressman just before Rubin slit his throat and jumped from a 20-foot-high railing.

Rubin later died from his injuries.

“I am a bad Jew,” Rubin allegedly told a fellow inmate, who also told FBI agents Rubin had befriended two Palestinian prisoners in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Downtown Los Angeles and had begun to reconsider his lifelong anger towards Arabs.

“Rubin told (name deleted) that what he did hurt the Jewish people and the Jewish cause,” one inmate said.”  more from The Enterprise Report .