Jerry Seinfeld is Back…to Reality

Jerry Seinfeld and jokes about marriage is a near perfect amalgam of Jewish comedy. He broadcasted such humor for nine years on his hit TV series “Seinfeld,” though, I’m willing to bet that his humor has sharpened a bit in the 11 years since he quit television, got married and has spent more time with his wife. He’s clearly learned a thing or two, evinced by his return to the airwaves with a marriage-themed reality show.

The comedian tells Variety:

“This is not a therapy show, it’s a comedy show,” said Seinfeld, who will, guest appearances aside, be involved in his first TV series since “Seinfeld” left the air in 1998. “After nine years of marriage, I have discovered that the comedic potential of this subject is quite rich.”

So what’s the big idea?

“The Marriage Ref,” a nonfiction series that will feature opinionated celebrities, comedians and sports stars offering commentary and advice to real-life couples enduring “classic marital disputes.”

“Picture well-known people weighing in on a couple’s relationship issues and deciding who is right and who is wrong right on the spot, like a referee,” [co-producer Ellen Rakieten] said.

Jerry pitched the idea to NBC Chairman Ben Silverman (who I’m told is quite desperate for a hit) along with Rakieten, an executive producer of the “Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Though there is no premiere date yet, we’ll wait with bated breath.