Who should replace John Fishel?

Who do you think should replace John Fishel?

The president and CEO of the Jewish Federation holds one of the most powerful and important roles in the Jewish community.  The Federation president oversees the largest budget and staff of any Los Angeles Jewish institution and has the power to set an agenda and benefit the lives of Jews and non-Jews here, in Israel and around the world.

Is there someone you think could step into the job and inspire and revolutionize the Los Angeles Jewish community?  What are the most important qualities the Federation’s board should be looking for?  A superior fundraiser?  A visionary thinker?  A charismatic leader?  Should he or she come from the Jewish professional world? Hollywood?  The corporate world?

Don’t be shy—tell us what you want in the next Federation president, and send some names in too. Your ideas and suggestions will find their way into our coverage, with attribution if you desire.  The Jewish Journal is not affiliated with the Federation (or any Jewish organization), but we all have a stake in the selection.

Send to editor@jewishjournal.com. Subject line:President.