Ron Howard’s Beard

I have a confession: I’m watching this video thinking, ‘Ron Howard looks cute in a beanie.’ I can’t help it. There he is, gabbing about Barack Obama and the “death of cynicism” and all that, and I’m thinking, ‘I wish my boyfriend would groom his beard like Ron Howard.’ Scruffy but defined, light and sweet.  Qualitatively, it’s the sheer opposite of Howard’s recent filmmaking—A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Frost, Nixon—which are deep, darkish and meticulously storied. Whereas, his earlier work more closely resembles his appearance as a nice (red-haired) Jewish boy. Remember Happy Days? Or Splash (with a young Tom Hanks at his most Hanks-ish)? And who could forget the irrepressible diarrhea song that immortalized Parenthood? Light and funny, like the beard.

As a completely tangential aside: I’d be remiss if I didn’t add that, besides our mutual and devoted penchant for Russell Crowe, my very favorite Ron Howard product has to be “Felicity,” the short-lived WB show that got me through high school and college (its prolonged run the result of my compulsive purchase of all four seasons on DVD). This is because, as any gal who’s ever made a terrifically misguided decision for love of a boy will tell you, Felicity ruled.