VIDEO: Extra Extra — Orit travels to Beirut

My Middle-Eastern looks helped get me an extra role as a Beirut café patron.

When the TV show is aired, I doubt anyone will see me—I’m in the back sipping coffee, and the scene has no dialogue.

The Second Lebanon War, I assume, is over in the story, and it’s a peaceful spring day—or is it?

Fortunately (or unfortunately), there was some other action in Beirut.

Recently (fact, not fiction), Hezbollah terrorists started gun battles in the streets in an effort to take over the Lebanese capital. It may take one woman to save the day . . . .

By the way, I am shamelessly seeking my SAG card and commercial/theatrical agent (not to mention a literary one). But not too shameless—so don’t get
any ideas.

I’ll also welcome free advice on the biz (don’t get nasty please).

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For her second ever casting call as a “background actor”, Orit travels to a cafe in Beirut, Lebanon for an undisclosed TV show. She got a little more than she bargained for…