The Internets seem to generate phresh ” target=”_blank”>YouTube video “Leave Israel Alone”) are just a few.

One of this year’s most visited Web sites is ” target=”_blank”>LOLCats style chachkas on CafePress.com, and create LOLCat videos to share on ” target=”_blank”>Web-wide volunteer project to translate the Bible into LOLCat.

Here’s the beginning of ” target=”_blank”>Shir HaShirim is extra special, too:

1. Solomones Songz of Songz, kthx.
Teh Beluved.
2. Let him kiss me wit da kissus of hiz mouf—for yer love be moar delitefool den cheezbugers. Srsly.
3. Yu has a smell I likez; yer name is like smellz poorded out. Deh oter sluts luv yu too!
4. Take me wit yu plz, come on! Letz go! the king bringme into hiz chamburz, k?


—Dennis Wilen, AKA The Web Guy