[Matthew]: It is raining fire!

I must write to tell you all what is happening right now in Haifa…it is horrible and Hezbollah MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

Explain one thing to me! Where is our warning 15 minutes before that they are going to try and kill everyone they can…NOT SOLDIERS, INNOCENT PEOPLE!

I was sitting inside watching the news when the air sirens came on. Usually they last about 15 seconds and it seemed to never shut off.  All I know is that 6 long range rockets hit the town I have been staying in Haifa, Israel.

The first few hits sounded like normal…but then think what the loudest firework you can ever imagine sounds like…one hit outside where I am staying. Then another! Then another!  It is complete and utter chaos right now! Sirens are going off everywhere! I have no idea how many people have been killed, but I can only guess the number is very high.

Please tell everyone you know that they must get behind Israel now as Israel is fighting the worst terrorists in the world and if Israel doesn’t destroy them, we are about to enter World War III.  The news media is INSANE and the fact that they report anything positive about these murders is asinine! I am coming home on the first flight I can, but don’t expect it to be before Tuesday.