TRIBE 2.012

The first issue of TRIBE, with a great cover story about Latino converts to Judaism, hit newsstands in December 2009. The magazine’s goal, as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Rob Eshman wrote in this column, was to bring our readers the world through Jewish eyes. Another important aim was to bring the tribe closer together.

As we head into 2012, our third year of publication, we are re-examining our purpose and place in the community. We have asked ourselves, what role do we play in our readers’ lives? Our rich and diverse content has spanned many critical topics — from tikkun olam to parenting and from fashion to friendship. But the thread that runs through it all is Jewish values.

In our constant effort to understand and serve the community, we are aiming for an even more defined focus, while still maintaining Judaism as our foundation.

We want to empower and inspire you to upgrade your life. And, by extension, the lives of those around you — your family, your community, the world. After all, a life well lived is one that succeeds in touching the lives of others.

We will fill the pages of this gorgeous, glossy magazine with innovative ideas on how to improve your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being — tips on managing your health, finances and relationships; suggestions on places to go for a lively night out or a family-friendly Shabbat service; trends in fashion, beauty and technology; and inspirational profiles of people making an impact on your world.

We love to showcase great photography and elegant design, so you can be sure all this content will be presented alongside hunger-inducing photos of recipes, artful shots of featured personalities, and pop-off-the-page graphics and illustrations.

And that’s just a glimpse of what you can expect in print.

In the next year, TRIBE also will be creating an exciting and much-enhanced online presence. In January, we will unveil a beautiful, completely redesigned Web site,, with exclusive content and expanded multimedia components. will be part of ” title=”Facebook fan page”>Facebook fan page and ” title=”Like”>Like and, or send us an old-fashioned letter. We’re also always looking to add sharp talent and new visions to the TRIBE team, so if you are a writer, photographer, blogger or sales executive, please contact me.

Our new mission statement will be included at the front of the magazine in every issue. It’s there to remind us all of our dedication and our purpose. It’s there so we can remain focused on why we exist: to improve your life, your community and your world.

TRIBE. Upgrade Your Life.