This month, Tevet is the darkest month because the days are shortest. And, in this month, a siege began on Jerusalem, which eventually led to the destruction of the Temple. That is why we had a fast day on the 10th of Tevet (Dec. 22).

But here’s an interesting fact about Tevet and the holiday we just celebrated – Chanukah. If you count the number of candles we lit (not including the shamash) you get 36. If you count the number of days from the beginning of Chanukah (25 Kislev) until the last day of Tevet, you get – 36. Pretty cool, huh?

This is the season of lights.

It’s also the season of presents.

Follow the lines to find who is holding the ribbon to which present:

I was at the Westside JCC’s 50th anniversary the other day. There was a big cake and a lot of Chanukah fun. And guess whom I got to stand next to on stage?

Follow the clues to answer the question:

1) A rainbow drops into a pot of__________

2) How many fringes on a tallit? ___________

3) Part of his name sounds “Krazy!”

5) His first name rhymes with Penny _______

6) An event that started in ancient Greece ___________

Who is he and what did he do? Send your answer to for your prize!