Hitler dolls for sale in Taiwan

Hitler look-alike dolls are on sale in 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan.

The dolls, which feature the characteristic mustache, raised right arm salute, comb over and a red armband, went on sale Sunday, according to the San Diego Jewish World.

Designed by a doll firm in Japan, they are being sold by someone who calls himself Mark Lee for $15.

This is not the first time that Taiwan has used Hitler’s likeness in a commercial context. In 1999, a Taiwanese company featured Hitler on subway billboards to promote German-made electric space heaters.

Taiwan apologizes for photo of campers in Nazi uniforms

Taiwan’s defense ministry apologized for publishing a photo of three students in Nazi uniforms to publicize a summer military camp.

The photo showing the campers in full Nazi regalia was removed Thursday from the website of the Military News Agency, and an apology was issued to the citizens of Taiwan and Israel, the ministry’s spokesman told reporters, according to the French news agency AFP.

A military press officer had taken the photo earlier in the week.

The students also apologized, saying they had dressed in the uniforms “for fun.”

Israel does not have diplomatic ties with Taiwan, although it does maintain an Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, the capital and largest city in the Asian country.