Earthquake emergency supply must haves

Everyone should be prepared to be self-sufficient (able to live without electricity/gas, running water, telephones) for at least three days following a major emergency.

Essential supplies:

• Water: one gallon per person per day (a week’s supply of water is preferable)

• Water-purification kit

• First-aid kit, freshly stocked

• First-aid book

• Non-perishable food

• Can opener (non-electric)

• Blankets or sleeping bags

• Portable radio, flashlight and spare batteries

• Essential medications

• Extra pair of eyeglasses

• Extra set of house and car keys

• Fire extinguisher: A-B-C type

• Food, water and restraint (leash or carrier) for pets

• Cash and change

• Baby supplies: formula, bottle, pacifier; soap and baby powder, clothing, blankets, baby wipes, disposable diapers, jars of baby foods and juices

Supplies should be kept in a backpack or bag that can be reached quickly in an emergency and that can be used at home or taken with you; there should be enough supplies for each member of the family.

Some sources recommend having one set of supplies in your home, another in your car and a third in your workplace.

Source: California governor’s Office of Emergency Services. For more, visit

Australian lawmaker’s call against Israel criticized

The head of Australian Jewry scolded a left-wing parliamentarian who demanded that an Australian member of a Gaza-bound flotilla be immediately released.

Executive Council of Australian Jewry president Dr. Danny Lamm chastized Greens Sen. Lee Rhiannon Monday after she called on the Israeli government to release Sydney resident Michael Coleman, one of 27 pro-Palestinian activists arrested Nov. 4 by the Israeli Navy as they trief to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza.

“It is the Israeli Defense Forces that have acted illegally as the boat Mr. Coleman and other Freedom Waves participants were on was in international waters when intercepted,” said Rhiannon, a vocal supporter of the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel.

But Lamm retorted: “Senator Rhiannon’s characterization of the blockade of Gaza and the boarding of vessels that are used to break the blockade as ‘illegal’ is mendacious nonsense.

“The people who want to break the blockade are not interested in providing humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians,” Lamm added. “If that was their fundamental aim, they could send their supplies in by land via Israel.  Their main purpose is to harm Israel and her people.”

Peres thanks Greek president for stopping flotilla

Israeli President Shimon Peres thanked his Greek counterpart for his country’s help in stopping a flotilla bound for Gaza.

Peres hosted Greek President Karolos Papoulias on Monday in Jerusalem for a reception and a working meeting.

“I genuinely thank you for fulfilling the directives of the Secretary General of the United Nations by stopping the flotilla.  I thank you for not allowing people interested in violating the law and disrupting order to reach Gaza which is ruled by a terror organization.  Greece, in an impressive manner, showed the U.N. that she stands ready to assist.  Your contribution to lower tensions benefits the entire region as well as Gaza itself.  You acted legally and carefully and I thank you for your personal involvement in this matter,” Peres told Papoulias.

Peres called the Greek president’s visit “the start of the opening of a new chapter in Greece – Israel relations.  Both of our nations share an ancient past and I believe we share a great future.”

He also thanked the country for sending firefighting planes and firefighters to help in extinguishing last year’s Carmel forest fire.

During their meeting the two leaders discussed strengthening relations between Greece and Israel in a number of areas particularly diplomatic and trade relations, Peres’ office told journalists.