Why the National Security Adviser’s Jewish Joke Was Fine [VIDEO]

From NYMag.com:

Last week, National Security Adviser James Jones opened up his speech to the Washington Institute with a joke. Sometimes, this strategy works. Sometimes, it fails. It really all depends on the delivery, the setting, and the joke itself. Well, this was a joke about Jews. In a general sense, Jews and money:

Certainly, if a Jewish person had told the same joke, nobody would have given it a second thought. That’s just how these things work. Jones is not Jewish, though, ergo, some people are insulted. The Schmooze, the awesomely titled blog of the Jewish Daily Forward, reported that, despite the widespread laughter in the audience, not everyone in attendance was pleased.

  After the speech, two participants suggested, in private conversations with the Forward, that Jones’ joke might have been inappropriate. After all, making jokes about greedy Jewish merchants can be seen at times as insensitive.

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