Jerusalem: The center city

In 1967, after the Six-Day War, Jerusalem was reunified. This means that until that day in June, half of Jerusalem had been in Jordan, the country next to Israel. So, for 36 years, Jerusalem has been united within the borders of Israel. It is Israel’s capital city. But Jerusalem is much older than that. It is more than 3,000 years old.

It has been considered the center of the earth for thousands of years. Many people, including Christians, have fought over it, and it is still being fought over by Jews and Muslims. But there have been times when all people lived together in peace in Jerusalem. And that is our prayer — that soon, people will live in peace in the city that has the word "shalom" in its name.

Up The Mountain

In the center of Jerusalem is a mountain called Mount Moriah. Many biblical figures are associated with this mountain.

Poetry Place

This poem by Gabe Suchov, 13, of Encino, expresses how we all feel about wanting peace. It is a good poem to read on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) on May 30 and on Memorial Day on May 26.

Who are we, to say what is good or bad,
happy or sad?
Who are we, to conquer and kill,
to take what isn’t ours, to empty and to fill?
I am me, nothing more, nothing less,
and if we conform, we will not progress.
I want a future, I have a past,
I want to live life and make it last.
We are all different, none the same.
We all have ideas, we all have a name.
Social classes? No such thing!
Although we are different,
we are all human beings.
We all have a voice, with something to share,
With morals and lessons for us to ensnare.
We can learn from other’s mistakes v
and the wrong ways they go,
But the greatest lessons to learn
are the ones we already know.
I leave you with that, so you can explore,
The soul of the human, for it is the core.