Pretty for Passover

Quickly approaching are those festive spring nights marked by a plethora of matzah, reclining comfortably in your chair and — just maybe — hitting your neighbor over the head with stalks of green onion during the “Dayenu” (an Afghani and Iranian Passover tradition). Whether you’re hosting a Passover seder this year or joining one, you won’t want to be without these beautiful essentials that are sure to remind you and the rest of your table that those once enslaved have now become like kings.

The hand-painted enamel and metal of this gold and burgundy Elijah cup ($300) says royalty all around. Set out a glass of wine for that last elusive guest in something truly regal.

None of your gorgeous seder plates or dishes will hold your guests’ attention if they stay empty. Get cooking with the fifth cookbook in the Kosher by Design series: Susie Fishbein’s “Passover by Design” ($29.99). The varied recipes are accompanied by appetizing color photos, and more than 130 are gluten-free! Mitzvahland, 16733 Ventura Blvd., Encino, or

Despite the plainness of its name, the Simplicity Seder Plate ($350) shines with Swarovski crystals and pewter detailing atop silvery frosted glass. The 13-inch seder-table focal point features six removable bowls and manages to strike an elegant balance of beautiful and understated. Gallery Judaica, 1312 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles or

Over the years, your paperback haggadahs will be replaced as they wear down (or finally succumb to maror-throwing toddlers). Keep one special copy of this essential text as a beautiful yearly addition to the table and as something to be handed down to future generations. The Silver Heirloom Edition Elias Haggadah ($135.89) includes the commentary of Rabbi Joseph Elias and both Hebrew and English text. The silver-plated cover can be personalized with your family name.

If your seders are more funky than formal, you’ll love the feel of this Blue Wave Swirl Matza Plate ($48). The handcrafted fused glass and imperfect edges make for beautiful asymmetry, giving this plate the look and feel of a casual and intimate family gathering.