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10 Commandments

On Shavuot, we read special sections from the Torah. One of those is the Ten Commandments. The first five are engraved on the right tablet. The second five on the left. The first five, according to the rabbis, fall into the category of commandments “between humans and God” — like: Do not make idols or worship other gods. The second five fall into the category of “between human and human.” But the commandment “Honor thy father and mother” is on the second tablet. Is this a commandment between humans and God?

The rabbis say that although our parents gave birth to us, God was involved in giving us life and raising us. That is why when we honor our parents, we are also honoring God. I am writing this on Mother’s Day, and I can tell you the rabbis are right. I couldn’t have done it without God’s help!

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Jerusalem in My Heart

By Benjamin Ackerman

Jerusalem is a beautiful place,

When you go there you might have tears in your face.

The reason is because of the wars,

They could steal your babies and knock down your doors.

The Golden Dome is a beautiful sight,

When the sun shines on it, the dome looks so bright.

In the Western Wall there are prayers for peace,

When the enemies try and get them, they scare off the geese.

So let’s all pray for no more wars,

For no more stolen babies and knocked down doors.

Benjamin Ackerman is in the third grade at Sinai Akiba Academy