Searching Jewish L.A.

The Jewish Journal web site at now features a search engine that allows users to find articles that have appeared in past issues of the newspaper. The engine, pictured at right, can search by author, keyword, date or title.

To access the engine, click on the words “Search Our Site” as they appear on our homepage. Then, simply enter a search term, click enter, then click on the result. The full text of the article will appear, often along with the photo that accompanied the story in print.

The engine will search issues from 1998 to the present, as well as some from 1997. We are working to create an online library of every issue from the Journal’s inception, in 1985. Our goal is to make our search engine the most complete online database for Los Angeles Jewish community news and archival information.

Log on: it’s free, it’s fast, and it’s for you.