Guyana recognizes ‘Palestine’

Guyana became the seventh Latin American state in recent weeks to recognize a Palestinian state.

“It is Guyana’s hope that the increasing recognition of the state of Palestine will contribute to a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the creation of lasting peace and stability in the region,” Al Jazeera quoted the Dutch-speaking nation’s foreign ministry as saying on Thursday.

Brazil precipitated a flood of recognitions in December. The Palestinian Authority has been lobbying in Europe and Latin America, the two international regions that did not join the first flood of such recognitions in the early 1990s, partly to seek leverage in the stalled talks.

The Palestinian negotiators want Israel to freeze settlements as a condition for talks, while Israel says it wants to set security terms before addressing other issues.

Americans for Peace Now, in a letter, called on President Obama to address the crisis with “dramatic, decisive” action.

The Palestinian Authority campaign for recognition “holds dangers for both sides, including the risk of unintentionally emboldening Palestinians and Israelis who oppose the peace process, oppose a two-state solution, and welcome confrontation,” the letter said. “The appropriate response by the U.S. and others concerned with this new Palestinian strategy is not simply to criticize the Palestinians and demand they desist, but, rather, to work urgently to re-accredit and launch a peace process that can quickly deliver results.”