Join in the search for the meaning of life

What is the meaning of life? No question is more basic or profound. People have pondered this concept and searched for meaning, usually on their own.

Enter the Meaning of Life Project. Created by Marc Erlbaum and his company, Nationlight Productions, the project is designed to unite people on this philosophical quest by crowdsourcing the meaning of life and posting it online.

This project is not about forcing a definition of the meaning of life on people; instead, the intent is to share different people’s perspectives and to combine unique ideas to find a greater meaning than any one person could discover on his or her own.

Chava Tombosky, a Los Angeles filmmaker, singer and writer, joined Erlbaum’s project and is in the process of interviewing celebrities and everyday people for videos that will be posted online. She said the goal is to inspire others to search for meaning.

Currently, the project is seeking funding through its Web site, The goal is to raise $1 million to continue the project for one year. The first stage of the goal is to raise $150,000 by Aug. 16 through online contributions. The bulk of this money will be used to fund the production of video interviews.

To date, subjects have ranged from “Big Time Rush” cast member Erin Sanders to parents searching for meaning after their young daughter’s cancer diagnosis. Other interviewees have included “The Blind Side” star Quinton Aaron, street photographer Ron Corbin and Invisible Children co-founder Bobby Bailey.

To join the search for meaning, visit