Name a Jewish baby on Craigslist — for $20,000

It’s not every day that you receive an anonymous tip from a man claiming to be selling the naming rights to his newborn daughter.

On Thursday, JTA spoke with the man who claimed responsibility for a Craigslist ad offering the naming rights for his child for a minimum of $20,000.

The ad said:

We are a Jewish family that just gave birth to our 9th daughter. We would like to sell the opportunity to name our daughter to someone else. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who may not have had children, or someone looking to honor a relative etc. Or even to honor someone’s memory that was killed in the Holocuast

In an effort to establish his credibility, the man emailed JTA with a photo of a wristband from the hospital dated Jan. 22, 2014.

Regardless of whether you’re prepared to pay, if you have a name suggestion for the little lady, email We just might publish our favorites in a follow-up blog post.

Here is JTA’s interview with the mystery dad:

I have seen some strange Jewish things on Craigslist before, but this is right up there with the strangest. Is this real?

It is totally real. This is my ninth daughter; we’re out of names basically. We needed the money, and I asked my wife if we could do it. I thought she would turn it down, but she said we could try it.

How did you come up with this idea?

About four or five years ago, I remember hearing in the news that someone else did the same thing. We’re a little rushed; we’d like to name the baby on Saturday. We tried to post it to eBay, but it was a little more complicated than we thought, so we posted it on Craigslist.

When was your baby born?

Yesterday afternoon.

I guess I should have opened with a “mazel tov.”

Thank you.

Does she have any brothers?

Yes, a boy. He was born last year.

What do you do professionally?

I’m a schoolteacher in Lakewood.

What made you wait until now to try this as opposed to, say, daughter No. 7 or No. 8?

We’re out of relatives to name after. For each one, we chose another relative. We thought it might be a nice thing; there might be an elderly person who passed away or someone without any children. Whoever would do this, we would consider them like family.

You mean you plan to stay in touch with the winning bidder afterwards?

We’d stay in touch with her, invite her to the bat mitzvah, wedding, say Kaddish for them after 120 years.

What would you do if you raised the minimum bid of $20,000 you’re asking for?

I would use the funds to support my child.

What’s the most expensive part of raising a child in Lakewood?

Definitely [yeshiva] tuition. And rent.

Aside from your wife, who else knows about this?

I didn’t tell a soul; I’m a little embarrassed

Then why did you choose to reach out to a news agency?

I know you guys do press releases. I’m hoping to get some press releases, maybe somebody out in Florida has someone they’d like to name for.

Aside from this, what’s the most interesting idea you’ve come up with?

I can’t think of a single example. My wife usually nixes everything. I come up with zany ideas from time to time.

Are you secretly pulling for a particular name choice by a sponsor?

We used up all the favorites already. We’re open to all ideas, something unique.

You mention in the ad that you don’t want certain names.

Right — nothing crazy, like “Box.” Preferably something biblical.

What about “Mooshy”? That’s biblical.

I think “Mooshy” would be out. We’re Sephardic, so I’m not sure we would do “Chaya Shprintze” either. But maybe for the right price. (Laughs)

If this doesn’t come through, what would be your next option to fundraise for the new addition in the family?

The truth is I’m not really relying on this. But I’m not really sure. I’m totally dependent on God and I know that He won’t abandon me.

‘Natalie Portman’ seeks Shabbat dinner dates via Craigslist

What does a beautiful, successful, and, uh, married actress like Natalie Portman need to do to find men willing to come over for Shabbat dinner? Turn to Craigslist, naturally!

Okay, so the Washington, D.C. woman who is looking for nice Jewish boys to break challah with probably isn’t really Benjamin Millepied’s better half.

And while she also isn’t original–according to The Huffington Post others in DC have turned to Craigslist to find Friday night romance–she is very funny.

For the sake of those too lazy to click, we are doing the mitzvah of posting the ad in its entirety.

“Us: All the single ladies. Late 20s, early 30s. We make a mean brisket. We each have more class than all of the princesses of Long Island combined. We hiked Masada at sunrise and only complained about the lack of Bamba later.

You: Are not a big fan of Beyonce’s greatest hit from 2008 that now infiltrates your newsfeed every time a chick you know from college gets engaged. Your friends would describe you as a nice Jewish boy-or at least your mother would. You’re looking for your very own Natalie Portman (think Garden State, not Black Swan.) Inspired by the original Craigslist event hosted by members of the opposite sex, we would like to cordially invite you to a Shabbat dinner to end all Shabbat dinners. On Friday, August 16, we are inviting 5 lucky gentlemen to join us for some challah and Maneschewitz (actual spelling). We’re looking for that special someone to catch us before we faint at Yom Kippur services. We would like to start this new year off right.

To be considered for a night that is more memorable than your senior prom, please submit a picture of yourself, your age, and answer at least two of the following questions:

1.) Do you think it’s a good idea for thousands of young Jews to come together in isolated areas every summer? If so, which camp did you attend?

2.) Seth Cohen: greatest Jew to be a main character on a teenage drama? Only Jew to be a main character on a teenage drama? Still socially acceptable to reference?

3.) Is your Bubbie the one who makes the world’s best matzo ball soup? What is her recipe? Have you called her lately?

4.) How do you contribute to your community? Do you:
a.) Volunteer at soup kitchens
b.) Foster puppies
c.) Tutor children
d.) Assist old ladies crossing the street
e.) Dress up like a superhero and rescue your neighbors

5.) What was the theme of your Bar Mitzvah? To support this statement, please submit pictures of yourself from said event. Bonus points for Pepsi-7Up action shots and/or dancing with a girl at least a head taller with enough distance between you to leave room for the Lord.

We look forward to reading your carefully edited responses and trying to match your picture with your JDate profile.