And the Shul Goes Wild!

Six Jewish sportsmen from the United States, Britain and Canada have been elected to the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Stone, tennis champion Harold Solomon, Olympic track and field coach Mel Rosen and Hank Kaplan, boxing historian and editor, made up the American contingent elected for 2004.

Also named were British boxing promoter Jack Solomons and Canadian football coach Lew Hayman.

The election results were announced by R. Stephen Rubin of London and Alan Sherman of Potomac, Md.

Since 1979, a total of 299 athletes and sports figuresfrom 23 countries have been elected to the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, whosemuseum is located on the campus of the Wingate Institute for Physical Educationand Sport in Netanya, Israel. For more information, visit .