Web list accuses Israelis of ‘war crimes’

A list of more than 200 Israelis is circulating on the Internet accusing them of war crimes and listing many of their purported home addresses.

The list reportedly originates in Britian, but is otherwise of unknown provenance.

It has appeared under multiple URLs; a number of web hosts have removed it.

It calls itself “an act of retribution and affront” and says the listed held positions of command and were “direct perpetrators” during the 2009 Gaza war.

A few of the people appearing on the list are senior Israel Defense Forces commanders and appear in uniform; many are lower ranked—some as low as sergeant—and appear in civilian clothing, photos apparently lifted from social network sites.

In an analysis Friday, Ha’aretz said there are many inaccuracies on the list and that some of the listed never took part in the fighting.