Thursday night with Rhoda

I don’t often write pieces for upcoming events. I’m better at writing about them after the fact, when I figure I’ll have more to say. But this year, I have to make an exception and give a plug for a local Jewish woman who is universally loved by the community. How do I know this? I’ve done my research. I wrote a profile of her a couple of years ago, and it didn’t matter who I spoke to—the “Ashkefardicultrarefoconservadox” kaleidoscope of Los Angeles Jewry has a special place in its heart for this woman.

Her name is Rhoda Weisman.

She has devoted most of her life to helping the Jewish community, with a special emphasis on training future Jewish leaders. She could only have done that by being a great leader herself, and now, we have a chance to recognize her for all her contributions to our community.

On Thursday night, at the very cool El Rey Theatre in mid-Wilshire, Rhoda will receive the Jewish Unity Award from unity mavens and self-styled “catalysts for a Jewish renaissance” organizations JConnect and Jewlicious.

Two of my favorite entertainers—comedian Elon Gold and musician Peter Himmelman—will lead the festivities. You can reserve online at, or email {encode=”” title=””}.

She’ll probably be surrounded by a mob of admirers, so in case I miss you Rhoda: Thank you for all you do.

Oh, and there’s an open bar.