Noa Tishby

What can we learn from the Nazi sympathizer in the White House?

Israelis don’t always understand why I — a proud Israeli, a Jew, a Zionist, and an American patriot — am so opposed to Donald Trump.

Some see his assurances that he is pro-Israel and take them at face value. But take it from me, the view from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is not the same as the one from Los Angeles and New York. My fellow Israelis see the Donald Trump that is presented to them. As an American of Israeli birth, I get to see the whole man.

And what I see is deeply disturbing.

Oh, Mr. Trump. Every time we think you have crossed the line, you waltz right past yet another one.  To watch the news over the past couple of days was to observe a sea of seasoned journalists tying themselves in apoplectic knots trying to figure out what he meant and why he said what he said. I am going to offer you a very simple reason. As always, we should take the path of least resistance: Occam’s razor.

I am a highly vocal non-fan of Trump, and as an Israeli and a Jew I get a lot of trolling in Hebrew for it. Trump was able to convince a big part of the Israeli population that he is pro-Israel, despite having absolutely nothing to show for it other than a Jewish daughter.

If you have been following Scott Adams, you know why.

Adams speaks eloquently about Trump’s magical powers of persuasion. If you haven’t read his prolific blogging yet, I highly recommend it. It’s petrifying. And it rings true.

Adams also points out that Trump doesn’t necessarily lie. I mean, he clearly DOES LIE but he also uses something Adams has referred to as “Emotional Truth.” In a nutshell, Trump is not saying things that can be backed up with any facts, but to a lot of people it kinda sorta sounds true. He may not have seen a tape of Arabs dancing on rooftops ‪after 9/11 — but it emotionally sounds like it could be true enough, doesn’t it? And it’s not like he can prove that Obama “wiretapped” him, but in the wake of the confusing unmasking news, doesn’t it sound like some of it could maybe possibly be true?

Well, let me say something else that could maybe possibly be true. Something that will feel right. Something that is an “Emotional Truth.”

Donald Trump is a White Nationalist. Donald Trump is a Nazi sympathizer.

I am going to also assert that Trump thinks whites are superior, and that when Ivanka brought Jared home, he wasn’t too pleased but hid it — and convinced himself that it’s okay because the Kushners are rich. I am going to assert that Donald Trump the child heard the N word and the K word at home over dinner many times before he was shipped off to boarding school for bad behavior.  I am going to assert that he grew up trying to hide publicly the deep rooted racism his parents and grandparents instilled in him.

I do not have any facts to back this up, but doesn’t it sound just about right?

Why else would he behave the way he does? There is no other answer. I will give that man one thing, he does wear his heart on his sleeve — and his heart is dark and ugly.

I have been saying for a while that Trump is the inner shadow of our collective unconsciousness. He is here to show us what we need to get rid of: greed, anger, hatred, bigotry, misogyny. Ironically, everything Trump fights against actually becomes more popular. He validated the need for universal health care and made ObamaCare popular. He solidified global warming as a real issue with city after state after country vowing to stand by the Paris Agreement.

And by showing us who he really is, maybe Trump is going to make Americans and the world say “Hey, hating Blacks and Jews may not be the best idea anymore.”

Maybe we needed yet another villain to bring us to the next phase of humanity, whatever that phase might be.

So thank you Mr. Trump for that, and now, Republican Party – impeach the Nazi.

He’s unfit. The time has come.

Noa Tishby is a Tel Aviv born Los Angeles based actress producer writer and political activist. She was on the Jerusalem Post list of “The 50 most powerful Jews in the world” and on The Hollywood Reporter’s list of “International Executives to watch.” Instagram & twitter @noatishby.