Israeli woman refused service at Florida gas station; called ‘killer’ by attendant

An Israeli woman, a resident of Coral Springs, Fla., for 15 years, was recently denied service and asked not to return again to a gas station (“On the Move Texaco” owned by J&L Services of Florida Inc.) that she had frequented over the years.

On her most recent visit, a Palestinian employee of the gas station told her: ““>Even in Los Angeles, a city with a sizable Jewish population, a peaceful pro-Israel rally last month became violent as pro-Hamas protesters attacked those marching in support of the Jewish state. In Britain, a rabbi was attacked near a Jewish boarding school. In Australia, teenagers shouted “Heil Hitler” and threated to slit the throats of Jewish schoolchildren. And even though it was never officially declared a hate crime, the recent murder of “>One Jewish organization has claimed that incidents of anti-Semitism have increased five-fold just over the last month. Globally, “>These are the worst times since the Nazi era”; another has stated that we’re experiencing “” target=”_blank”>Social Justice Rav