October 18, 2018

New Years Resolutions for Israel

Countries should not be immune to self-reflection and resolving to make some positive changes. So, on occassion of 2013, I'm not going to make resolutions for myself, but for the country I love, Israel.

1. I resolve not to be so hung up on world opinion and instead be concerned for what is right and what keeps my people safe.

2. I resolve to fight my enemies with valor until my children can sleep safely at night, forever.

3. I resolve to give a good and free life to my citizens and to listen to their cries, not the cries of world leaders and even some American Jewish organizations who care more for themselves than for me and my people.

4. I resolve to stop paying lip service to the scam called the “Two State Solution” which will gradually yet surely lead to my destruction.

5. I resolve to build many new homes in Judea and Samaria.

6. I resolve to gain more self-esteem and confidence in what I am as a country so that I can realize my full potential.

7. I resolve to take back the conversation about my destiny.

A Happy New Year to Israel and the Middle East!

Now, if only Israel's neigbhors took it upon themselves to make some resolutions, too. I can think of more than a few they should make….