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  • 5 Lessons drawn from the LAUSD iPad fiasco

    By Sam Gliksman

    1 day ago

    It’s becoming difficult to read the news in Los Angeles these days without running across yet another article about the problems faced by the sputtering LAUSD iPad initiative. Finally, LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy announced this week that they were suspending the contracts with...

  • Sofer case means draft Charedim

    by David Benkof

    1 day ago

    The disappearance of Aaron Sofer in the Jerusalem forest is of course alarming.

    But far more important is the instruction of Rav Aharon Shteinman shlita, today’s leading Lithuanian haredi rabbi, that Israeli students at the monumental Mir yeshiva put down their Talmuds and search...

  • Professor Schabas and the law of Judicial impartiality

    by Daniel D. Edelman

    1 day ago

    It is now well publicized that Professor William Schabas, a leading international law scholar, has made antagonistic comments about the State of Israel and its leaders, thereby questioning his impartiality as the designated chairman of the UN Human Rights Council’s commission...

  • What Ramy knew about the fall of Assad and the rise of the Islamic State

    By Rob Eshman

    2 days ago

    After a few years of the cold shoulder, I finally heard from my Syrian friend, Ramy Mansour, and his message couldn’t have been more clear: “I told you so.”

    Ramy didn’t use exactly those words. But his Facebook message to me, after years of silence, essentially summarized what...

  • What’s behind the rush to judgment in Ferguson Missouri?

    by Joe R. Hicks

    2 days ago

    Eighteen year-old Michael Brown has finally been laid to rest, but the issues surrounding this tragic killing have not.  The facts surrounding the police shooting of the teenager remain largely unknown; with a Grand Jury hearing testimony and at least 3 other investigations...

  • Reflections on Sept. 1, 1939

    by Amanda Susskind

    2 days ago

    Sept. 1, 2014, commemorates the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Poland. On that day in 1939, Germany launched the invasion of Poland, marking the beginning of hostilities in World War II.  Sixty million people died in the conflict over the next six years, including 6 million...

  • Why it’s not about Ferguson

    by Rabbi Aaron Alexander and Rabbi Ronit Tsadok

    2 days ago

    The Jewish community should be engaged and enraged over what’s happening in Ferguson, Mo., and the long-standing racial discrimination in America that Ferguson has thrust into the spotlight. But the current news cycle will inevitably end, and we will either be an allied force for...

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