Jerusalem’s Catwoman

Gotham City had its Catwoman. Now Jerusalem has one of its own. Only this one isn’t causing chaos for our Caped Crusaders. Quite the contrary.

Recently, American-raised Tova Saul, who made aliyah 17 years ago, has become something of a folk hero in the streets of the Old City, especially among its population of stray cats. An observant Jew and an avid cat lover, Saul has dedicated her existence to saving felines from an uncertain fate on the Jewish Quarter’s mean streets. Working closely with sympathetic vets, Saul is bringing these unwanted animals back to health, and her current goal is to have every female cat in the Old City spayed before spring.

Saul is not without her helpers. Moslems, Christians and Jews all bring her rescued kittens, injured animals and leftover food for her efforts. And Angeleno Lili Feingold has brought over 16 cats from Israel, with the intention of placing them in fine homes. The animals arrive with a certificate of health and vaccination record from a Jerusalem vet.

Saul and Feingold are currently looking for Angelenos to help the cause. Anyone interested in adopting an Israeli kitten or helping transport cats from Israel can contact Lili at her e-mail address: The pets now available have been checked by Shendandoah Animal Clinic. And, jokes Feingold, “all the cats understand English!” — Michael Aushenker, Community Editor