October 20, 2018

The Futility of the NYT's Anonymous Op-Ed

“The Trump aide who feels the president is unfit for office must make, and continually update, a judgment whether it will do more good to influence the administration or do it a marginal bit of political harm by leaving it in public.

But he should be aware that it is enormously psychologically tempting to conclude that his own presence in office is crucial in averting disaster. If Trump’s aides were making this judgment free of self-interest or delusion, surely someone by now would have a public resignation on principle.

What can’t be justified, on any calculation I can perform, is how this op-ed advances the public good. It will make the president more aggrieved and less likely to credit wise counsel than ever while changing no one’s mind.

Perhaps it has at least achieved catharsis for its author. But there is already more than enough self-expression coming out of this administration.”

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