November 15, 2018


"So even while things are not as bad today as they are portrayed, the issue that now confronts the State of Israel is: what can be done to further engage Jewish millennials."

"The integration of ultra-orthodox society into Israeli society at large and internal divisions within the ultra-orthodox world have caused many ultra-Orthodox Jews to vote for candidates in municipal elections who are not themselves ultra-orthodox.

"The plan is based around a simple idea: Establish an Israeli desalination plant, built on Israeli land, funded by Saudi Arabia, the Europeans and others, that provides clean water to Gaza."

"[The Left] has made Israel-hatred legitimate. If there is a “climate of hatred” it’s a result of this acceptance, and it's this that is making Jews flee Europe."

"It has long been clear that freedom of artistic expression isn’t a supreme value, so Culture Minister Miri Regev’s ‘cultural-loyalty bill’ deserves praise."

"As an Israeli citizen who is passionate about advocating for Israel, my suggestion is provide the right people with the tools to educate. Create a community of advocates who understand the social climate on the ground in the US and worldwide."

"At a time of increased anxiety for many Jews in Europe and North America, the rise of evangelical and Pentecostal Christian support for Judaism and Israel in much of the world is a heartening sign."

"The relationship between art and the state in Europe and Israel is totally different from the American model, so don’t call Culture Minister Miri Regev ‘Israel’s very own McCarthy’"

"In homage to this deep-rooted tradition, Jerusalem artist Eitam Tubul launched the light-hearted “Amulet Authority,” an art project that has produced a variety of intricate plaques designed to thwart modern misfortunes."

"Slowly but surely, the new reality in the Gaza-envelope region is seeping into public awareness: the routine of a war of attrition. On one side is Hamas... On the other side is the Israeli government."

"For more than a decade, the festival has tried to give audiences a glimpse into slices of Israeli society that are often ignored or misunderstood in mainstream culture, which has tended to focus on the country’s Jewish populations."

"...for Hebrew speakers, gender inclusivity is much more complicated. That’s because gender in Hebrew—as in Spanish, Hindi, French and other languages—is intimately woven into word construction."

"Although we eagerly consume news on coalition crises and Knesset shenanigans, most Israelis are unaware of what truly affects our quality of life – local government."

"Governments around the world are quietly turning to YAMAM, Israel’s special police force, for help with their most intractable security problems."

"That laundry list of grievances — everything from how Israel treats the Palestinians to whose marriages it recognizes — is what lies behind the “We Have to Talk” theme of this year’s General Assembly, the annual conference of the Jewish Federations"

"The Court’s decision was an all-too-common instance of its inner oligarchic nature. Showing its usual contempt for the elected government and the legislation it enacted."

"Ostensibly, Netanyahu's a key beneficiary of this White House's unorthodox foreign policy approach. But for the sake of tentative gains, he's mortgaged Israel's reputation and security to the GOP & to Trump, America's most unpredictable president."

"The JFNA GA may say they want to talk, but there are some parts of Israel which have the feeling that this American Jewish organization is not really interested in hearing what they have to say."

Immigration to the Jewish state is celebrated as "Aliyah," or "ascent." The flipside of this is that emigration from Israel is stigmatized as "yeridah," or "descent." The time has come to rethink these terms.

"In its definition of the nation, it follows a pattern common in the founding documents of many countries, including other advanced democracies."

The old Israel is represented in this case by the main casualty of the new train: the historic Jerusalem-Tel Aviv line, which has been running on and off since 1892 and isn’t likely to run much longer.

“Throughout history, no other people has held so strongly to the memory of their homeland no matter what country they lived in.”

Great schools, low prices, less partying, less anti-Zionism. Why not send your kid to school in Israel?

“As long as Israel wasn’t explicit about what it meant to be Israeli, it was possible to be entirely Druze and, organically and inseparably, entirely Israeli.”

“A ranking published by Be Free Israel, listed Modi'in as the Israeli city with the most religious freedom.”

“There are far better reasons for strong bilateral ties than penance for the Holocaust.”

An artist in Israel rethinks traditional approaches to mapmaking.

“Canary Mission provides a huge public service, operating as an early-warning alarm system for the safety and well-being of American Jewry.”

“Since One of One was launched in 2013, some 2,500 Israelis have shared their experiences of rape, incest and sexual assault.”

“Aziz Abu Sarah launched an improbable campaign last month to become the capital’s first Palestinian mayor; now he’s not sure he can even go on living in the city.”

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"When future historians try to understand how Britain ended up with a choice between chaos and becoming a satellite of the European Union, one question will stump them. Were these people telling deliberate lies or were they merely ignorant?"

"From Vienna to Chile, the success of social housing for the working and middle classes shows how beautiful homes can coexist with urban housing for all."

"So even while things are not as bad today as they are portrayed, the issue that now confronts the State of Israel is: what can be done to further engage Jewish millennials."

"All this means that for much of this season, the show—and maybe more importantly in 2018, the post-show coverage—has revolved around Pete Davidson. And not Pete Davidson, the sketch performer: Pete Davidson, the persona."

"Indiscriminate use of ‘intellectual property’ has unsurprisingly bred absurdity. Anything associated with a ‘creator’ – be it artistic or scientific – is often grouped under ‘intellectual property’, which doesn’t make much sense."

"What will climate adaptation look like? A million individual products, each precisely targeted on social media to the intersection of a consumer culture and a catastrophe."

"That is the term (“nanos” for short) used by companies to describe people who have as few as 1,000 followers and are willing to advertise products on social media."

"This year’s Booker-winner Milkman has been criticised for being challenging.... Attacking a literary prize for rewarding a book that doesn’t accord with a critic’s ideas about “readability” is simply philistinism."

"I accepted that sex would not necessarily lead to a relationship (though it sometimes did). It was almost better not to get attached — less risk of getting hurt. Operating like a man felt like liberation. But it required I suppress my feelings."

"On a visit with the proprietor of Russell’s Bakery and his multi-ethnic, multi-political, and multi-religious staff, the story of Israel unfolds in microcosm."

"Plants have shaped human societies even before the establishment of agriculture... they have facilitated communion with the sacred in some societies and bestowed on others the ravages of addiction. "

"The Jews buried within them are not the fiercely traditional European ancestors so commonly imagined by contemporary American Jews—poor but plucky in their timeless shtetls."