Ryan Gosling flick ‘Drive’ headed to Israel

I was so disappointed after I saw this movie because I really liked it (a Cinerama Dome viewing helped), and had wanted to write about it, but the only Jewish angle I could come up with was, ‘Ryan Gosling is gorgeous.’ So that wouldn’t work. But now, thanks to “Drive” producer Marc Platt, the force behind the “Legally Blonde” movies and the theater production of “Wicked”, the film has a solid Jewish angle elucidated in Hebrew script.

It also happens to be good old fashioned entertainment—there’s a little love, a guy who gets his head smashed in, and Albert Brooks looking like he’s had a very tight facelift which makes him even scarier when he wantonly stabs people—so go see it. Not that Hollywood Jew is in the business of movie promotion—not at all.