Dancing With The Stars – Cher is Good Luck & Chynna Can’t Hold On

I love this show. There is enough pure entertainment to keep watching, and enough to make fun of that blogging it is fun. Tom Bergeron is brilliant, and Brooke is wildly mockable.  The dancing is excellent and in a sea of favorites, it’s hard to know who will come out on top.  I’ve got my money on Ricki Lake, but I’m in it until the end and there are bound to be surprises.

Chynna Phillips:  She is a great dancer but I find her personality off putting. She is a bit boring and while I can appreciate she is dancing well, I do not feel invested in her, so I don’t care if she goes.  I’m sure she is lovely, but she’s not giving me anything care about.  Her tango tanked big time.

David Arquette:  He’s also a good dancer, but I’m pulling for him because I like him.  He is an oddball to be sure, but funny and charming also.  He did okay this week and while he has no shot in hell of winning, he is a pleasure. He seems happy and for some reason that matters to me.

Carson Kressley: He is by far my favorite contestant this season.  He is funny, fabulous, trying hard and a hot pirate.  He has the best personality, is not milking any sympathy car for votes, and is a true entertainer.  I hope he stays because his freestyle will undoubtedly be brilliant.

Nancy Grace:  Between the nipples, farting, and fumbled splits, I’m afraid it’s time for Nancy to go home.  She is more likeable on her own show than here and it’s a shame.  If she had been her fiery self she may have done well, but she is boring me to tears and needs to go.

Hope Solo:  Her size and body type leave her looking more tranny than pretty, and her facial expression while dancing has a constipated feel to it. She is a nice girl, looked just like Jessie, and is a talented dancer, but I’m over her and don’t think she’ll make it to the end.

Rob Kardashian: It was hilarious when, while wearing neon teal socks and pink shoes, he tells Cheryl he wants his jumps to look more masculine.  He’s working hard, but he is not going to win.  I like him, and didn’t when the show started so that’s something. He’s not making it to the finals.

Ricki Lake:  Love her.  Loved the dance, loved the dress, loved the music, loved it all.  Her talk about wanting to quit was lame, did not make me laugh or feel compassion.  Such a shame she went there.  Either way, she wins the night, and will win the trophy in the end.  Go Ricki!

Chaz Bono:  I love him.  He was really good this week, which is lucky for him because he tanked last week and managed to not get cut because we love him.  I cry when I see him dance because he represents so many people who have no voice, and no power.  I think he is a hero.

JR Martinez: There is nothing not to love about this guy.  He is a great dancer, and a great man.  He did a good job and he will be in the finals for sure.  He is an entertainer and just a great guy.  This show will hopefully catapult him from the soaps to the big time.

In the end it is Chynna that is going home.  She didn’t make us love her so it makes sense that America was not into it and sent her on her way.  Dancing is important to be sure, but if we are going to be honest, this is just as much of a popularity contest so it’s anyone’s game.

I want Carson, Chaz, Ricki and JR to be the final four.  The popular kids against the underdogs, which is always a good battle.  Cher is a good luck charm and Carson is magic.  The thought of homophobes losing their minds is fabulous.  Buckle up America, we are keeping it real.