The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Oy Vey!

I am watching this show, but finding it difficult to write about it.  This is a messed up group of women.  Of all the ladies, in all the cities, this group is the meanest.  They are unkind to each other, back stab, talk trash, and are all around unappealing.  I cannot bear to recap this entire episode but here are some things worth mentioning.

1) Lisa is funny and seems lovely, but her shutting up Ken when he wanted to make a speech about his daughter getting engaged was gross.  She is rude and I find myself not digging her that much.

2) Dana is a dingbat.  She seems like a fun friend, but totally flakey and ditzy.  Her “going all out” party was pathetic, and her name and money dropping is classless.  She needs lessons from the Countess.

3) Kyle is under the false impression that she is entertaining.  She is a mean girl and appears to be incapable of basic social manners.  She is desperate to be the popular sister in a group of D List sisters.

4) Adrienne is rude to her husband and with two young children, it is amazing that she is leaving them a legacy of her chopping of their dad’s balls each week.  She has gone from cute to gross in one season.

5) Brandi is a hoot. She is uncensored, sarcastic, and quite funny.  Of all the ladies she is the one I would like to have a drink with. The ladies are ripping her apart and it’s too bad because she is harmless and could have used some support.

6) Kim is under the influence of narcotics.  There is no way in hell this woman is not using drugs, and that Bravo has not stepped in to help her is shameful.  Her pain is palpable and she is going to hurt herself. Not even her fame whore sister is stepping in.

7) Camille is entertaining and I love her.  Maybe it’s her young Greek lover, but she is much more likable this year.  I’m glad she came back to show us who she is because who she was last season, was not so great. She is thriving in the land of the cougar.

8) Taylor should not be on television.  I don’t get her, or why she is still on this show. She is not well physically or emotionally, and that she keeps filming, knowing the father of her child has died, is gross. Especially since his blood is still on her hands.

Lisa is a snob, Dana is a fame whore, Kyle is a mean girl, Adrienne is a bitch, Brandi is a hoot, Kim is a drunk, and Camille has become the fun one.  This show is lame, and something else bad is going to happen.  It’s just a matter of time.  In fact, it could be next week.  I have a fantasy that Brandi knocks out Kim’s teeth, and then sleeps with Kyle’s husband to celebrate.

I’m just kidding of course.  That might happen in real life, but not in the fake fest of scripted, unscripted television.  Unless they are going to start showing these shows closer to the time they are filmed, we will all loose interest because Twitter wars are more fun than watching things that are months old.  Time to catch up Bravo, and start keeping it real.