Is It Okay To Get Excited About Gilad Shalit Finally Coming Home?

It is being reported today that “a brief window of opportunity has been opened that would possibly lead to Gilad Shalit’s homecoming.”  Is it possible that after more than five years they are sending this soldier home?  The thought of it is almost too much to bear because if it does not happen, the disappointment will be massive. If it is true however, the prayers of a nation and her people, will have been answered.

I pray for this young man every day.  He was 19 went he was captured, and is now 25, which is both painful and remarkable.  It will be a wonderful blessing for him and his family if he is permitted to return home.  I pray the story is not only true, but that it will happen quickly.  This morning I heard a deal was being discussed, and I am now hearing it has been signed and he will return home within days. Amazing.

Come home Gilad.

We are keeping the faith.