National Coming Out Day: Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Yourself, Be Happy

Today is National Coming Out Day. The gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities have my support on this very important day.  I hope those of you who are contemplating coming out, have the love and support you need to embrace who you are, be proud, and be free.

The day will come when sexual orientation does not determine how we view each other, and does not invite judgment, but rather acceptance.  To young people who are struggling, I believe in you and am sending you love, compassion and strength.  Life is good, and it gets better.

In a world where we can list a million things to not only worry about, but be frightened by, who people are having sex with should not make the list. Unless you are having sex with George Clooney.  That should always make the list. Even if I were a man, I’d want to be on that list.

To my friends who have come out and are living free, rock on.  To my friends who are not yet out, it’s cool.  You will do it when you are ready and when you do, I will love you then, as I do now.  Tons.  This is an important day, so be kind, be open, be aware, be compassionate, and keep the faith.