Remembering Meredith Kercher

Meredith Kercher was 21 years old when she was murdered.  As a mother, I find her death especially heartbreaking.  As my son inches towards college, I imagine I will want him to call me everyday and let me know he is safely in his room so I can go to sleep.  Meredith was safely in her room when she died.

As we approach the 4th anniversary of her murder, I find myself thinking about her a lot.  Whatever role Amanda Knox had or did not have in the murder of Meredith is of no real interest to me.  She is free.  I understand she has had a difficult four years but her ordeal ends with freedom.

I cannot imagine how happy the Knox family is that they have Amanda home, and I cannot imagine how devastated Meredith’s family must be that after four years, they are now forced to start over, with no clear answers about what happened to their beloved Meredith.  It does not seem fair.

Amanda Knox is world famous, while Meredith is just a footnote in her story. Time will tell what Amanda decides to do in terms of telling her story to the press, or in a book, but I hope and pray that while she is getting rich telling her story, she has the decency to remember that Meredith died.

I shall think of Meredith often as my son gets older.  She was young, beautiful and accomplished.  I pray that the world remembers the brutal death she suffered, and that we don’t forget that justice for Meredith is important, and long overdue.  Meredith Kercher matters.

To the Kercher family, I am sorry for your loss.  Meredith was a lovely girl and I shall carry her in my heart, and pray that you find peace.  As we approach the sad day of November 1st, I am thinking of you, remembering Meredith, and keeping the faith.