Thank you Steve Jobs. Rest in Peace.

Mr. Jobs passed away at the young age of 56.  He was a visionary who changed the world in a profound way.  Though not that savvy when it comes to technology, I know about the things he created, and how they changed the world.  While I cannot share details of the global impact of his work, I can tell you how he changed my life.

I use my iPod to exercise so I can be healthy and watch my child grow up.  I use iTunes in times of great joy and sorrow to connect to my feelings through music.  My iPod holds the song I danced to at my wedding, and what I cried to when my marriage ended.  The song we played at my both dad’s funeral, and at the birth of my child.

I used my iMac to create the video tribute to my son that I shared at his Bar Mitzvah, and I use it everyday to stay connected to my family in Canada. This computer is where I write my blog and connect to the world.  I won’t bother trying to explain how much I love my iPhone, or that it is surgically attached to my body as a lifeline.

I did not know Steve Jobs, but I imagine I would have liked him very much. I am sending my condolences to his family and friends, and I wish them peace at this difficult time.  I’m not rich, or fancy, just a single mom, whose life has been made better because of a man that I did not know, yet admire and respect very much.  It is a sad day.

Steve Jobs will be in the history books alongside Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.  He changed the world for the better, and I am blessed to have been able to have his work be a part of my life.  Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs.  There will never be another mind like yours, but maybe someone will come close, if we keep the faith.