Dancing With the Stars from the Good Seats

Last night I went to the live taping of Dancing With the Stars.  The new set is beautiful and I must say that the crew there is lovely.  From the pages to the camera guys, they are all very sweet and greet you with smiles.  I think television tapings are a lot of waiting and not much fun, but this show is an exception.  Being at a live taping of DWTS is really fabulous.

The dancing in person is phenomenal and if you ever have an opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it.  Last night was really great, and while I would love if Kristin Cavalarri were the one going home, I fear it might be Chaz Bono.  If it were a popularity contest he’d make the cut, but if you factor in the dancing, it might be his time, which is too bad.

I had killer VIP seats thanks to a delicious and an incredibly talented friend. I went with my son’s good friend Emily, who is a fan of the show, a lover of all things Kardashian, and super fun.  We sat behind the Kardashian clan and that was interesting.  By interesting of course I mean I have to talk about them for a minute.  By them, I mean Kim. 

Kim Kardashian is beyond beautiful.  It’s insane how spectacular looking this girl is.  She is very, very little.  Her waste was so tiny I took a double take.  That said, as pretty as she is, her mother is more beautiful.  I was blown away by how really stunning Kris is.  Granted these ladies wear an insane amount of make up, but you cannot deny how gorgeous they are.

My pal Emily loves Kim and wanted nothing more than a picture with her. She went to Kim before the taping started and told her she loved her and could she take a picture after the show as it was about to start.  Kim was very sweet and told her thank you and of course they could take a picture.  I was impressed with how gracious Kim was.  It didn’t last long.

After the show Emily went up to her to take a picture and Kim blew her off. No picture, no acknowledgement of her saying they could take a picture, just a blow off.  It was a drag because Emily is 15, and truly a fan.  It is because of young girls like her that Kim is famous, and she could not be bothered to take a pic?  She’s just a stuck up porn star.  Lame.

Enough with the talentless, let’s go on to the dancing!  Rob Karsashian was first and he was really good.  He’s a sweet boy, which was surprising because I always thought he was kind of a schmuck.  I liked him in person and while I don’t get why he’s famous, he did a great job and deserves to make it through to next week.  Sidebar:  he has a fabulous ass!

Chynna Phillips:  She was good, and her legs go on for days, but I don’t get her and am not at all invested in her.  She is boring and a little add to me, but pretty and working hard.  I don’t care if she stays or goes.  Chaz Bono was up next and let me just say that I love him.  He is adorable in person and even though he struggled last night, I hope he stays.

I spoke with his fiancé Jennifer and she was lovely.  I get they are controversial, and some people don’t get it, but this is a really great man and his being on this show is brave beyond measure.  If people could see him as simply a human being, without trying to define him, it would be a better world.  I used all my votes last night on Chaz.

Kristin Cavallari was next and seriously, I have nothing to say about her. Well, except for the fact that her voice is annoying, she is not a star, and when her dance was done and she and Mark were talking Tom, she had her hand on Mark’s bum and was rubbing it.  While it will never happen, I hope she is the one sent home tonight.

I LOVE Carson Kressley.  Seriously.  Love him.  He did a brilliant job last night and was the most audience friendly.  He waved to everyone, talked to the audience, and was simply divine.  He danced beautifully and is the most fun to watch.  I want him to stay until the very end and I think he has a shot at it.  He is my favorite cast member.

JR Martinez is a remarkable human being.  His dance was great on television, and beyond fantastic in person.  I fell in love with him last night, and there was not a dry eye in the studio when he danced.  He got a heartfelt standing ovation and it was magic.  He is a hero and will be in the finals because that is where he deserves to be.

Nancy Grace was next and I was surprised by how little she is.  She is short and tiny, and a powerhouse.  I love her and she was lovely last night.  She’s such a bulldog on her show, that it’s nice to see her vulnerable and charming. She will not make it much longer, but good for her.  She is doing a good job and her partner is adorable.

Ricki Lake is my pick to win.  I love this girl and she is a great dancer.  She looked beautiful last night and did a wonderful job.  She waved to everyone, talked to people, was charming and warm and a real person.  She is super cute, and not too far away from her first perfect score of 30.  I think she is going to take the mirror ball in the end.

Hope Solo has an insane body.  There does not appear to be a single ounce of fat on it.  She is solid and ripped, and while very pretty, not that feminine. She’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but she will not make it to the finals in my opinion.  Abby Wambach was there cheering her on, and meeting her was a thrill.  I would have dug watching Abby dance more.

David Arquette was last up and he was very sweet.  He is super skinny and extremely handsome in person.  His daughter was adorable and when I told her that her dad did a great job, she said thank you and it was darling. What they didn’t show was that when he was done dancing, he went over to kiss and hug his little girl.

Then he put out a hand to Courtney, she took it and then he turned to leave, then tuned back around, and they hugged, which made the audience erupt in applause and huge “awwww”.  It was very sweet and you got the sense people were pulling for him and while he may not get the mirrored ball, maybe he will get her back.

I think Chaz will be the one going home tonight which is a shame.  I love this show and cannot write about it without pointing out that I do not get the appeal of broke Burke, and that Tom Bergeron is the perfect host.  It is only when Tom wins an Emmy as the host, over Jeff Probst, will I truly believe that reality television has a shot at keeping it real.