Why The Real Housewives of New Jersey are Lame & Meeting Ashlee Holmes

I watched Sunday night’s episode of RHONJ and it was interesting I guess, but what was more entertaining was the war on Twitter that the ladies of New Jersey decided to have.  It’s weird to watch a show from months ago, when we already know how everything is turning out.

The women of NJ are Twitter savvy and they go there often, so we can see in real time what is happening, which makes the episodes lame. To watch their fake vacation is simply stupid, when at the same time we are reading that Jacqueline and Teresa are no longer friends.

I also think it’s disrespectful to the fans for Caroline to go on Watch What Happens Live, and when asked how things are going, answer that we have to wait until season four.  Is she high?  We don’t need to wait for anything, we just need to read Twitter.  She is ridiculous.

Real Housewives fans are not just a bunch of crazy women sitting with their cats. I’m sure there are a lot of those, but many of us are educated and interesting women, who somehow got addicted, and are simply unable to turn away. Bravo should not disrespect us.

They need to ban the ladies from Twitter as part of the contract, or not show us storylines from months again.  It’s eventually going to get old and we’ll bail.  Jacqueline has been taking to Twitter a lot lately.  Teresa has pushed Jac to the limit, and she is done.

Word on Bravo Street is that Jac has quit the show and is focusing on her husband and children, without all the drama that being a part of the show provides.  I guess we’ll find out how that all works out when we watch season four, a couple of years from now.

Speaking of Jacqueline and her children, I met her daughter Ashlee today. I went to a taping of Dancing With The Stars and she was there with Lizzy Grubman.  I must tell you that Lizzy is shocking looking.  She simply does not look well, and does not seem to care.

She looks like someone who is the focus of an Intervention episode on A&E, not a fancy shmancy publicist.  She looks like she needs to eat a sandwich and get herself into rehab before her teeth fall out.  That said, she did not speak so I do not know if she had teeth.

Ashley was very sweet.  To start with, I was surprised by how tiny she is. She is very, very thin with a super cute body.  She was wearing very tight jeans and killer shoes that were insanely high.  I’m not sure how anyone could walk in them, but she did, and quite well.

Her hair was thrown up in a loose bun and she has new bangs.  I saw her and walked over to say hello.  She was very shy and sweet.  I asked her how she was doing, and she told me she was fine.  She seemed sincerely touched I asked her and I had to fight the urge to hug her.

She is a very pretty and young girl, but her face was puffy, and looked like she had work done.  She’s a child and I cannot imagine that she did, but there was something off about her facial features and it was odd. I’m not sure what it was, but it made me a little sad.

I welcomed her to LA, we chatted for a quick minute, and I thought she was lovely. She seems lost, and perhaps seeking direction. We see a distorted view of her life on TV, so who knows what’s really going on, but turning to Lizzy as a mother figure, it’s not going to be good.

Ashley seems like a nice girl, and in person was much different from who she is on RHONJ.  In the end we must all come to terms with the fact that unscripted TV does not exist and we see what people want us to see. I hope Ashley is able to get herself together, and keep it real.