Bethenny Frankel, Reality Star, Has No Grasp on Reality

Bethenny Frankel was on Ellen this week and it was fascinating.  She cannot stop lying, and when her lies were questioned by Ellen, she lies over the lies.  You can actually watch her dig herself into a hole and it’s interesting to see.  I honestly don’t know how she does it.

Bethenny has no apparent grasp on reality.  She is rude to Ellen, and has no understanding of conversation etiquette.  Rule 1:  When someone is talking, listen.  Do not talk over them, louder, to drown out what they say, to make your point heard.  Especially when your point is stupid.

It’s no secret I have issues with Bethenny.  I used to really like her, but she has become ridiculous and I find that I am now laughing at her, more than I am with her.  She is self-centered and her only goal is to be famous.  She lies about everything, including her lost at sea story.

Sidebar:  If you don’t follow Bethenny on Twitter, don’t bother. She is boring and insanely selfish.  She usually talks about herself, occasionally about her baby, and never about her husband.  She only responds to people who praise her, and she is constantly selling something.

So the Ellen visit starts with her coming out and dancing, and it’s all good. The second she opens her mouth however, she is classic Bethenny and the lies starts flowing like Niagara Falls.  Ellen asks her about being stranded at sea, and Bethenny is rude to her, which was interesting.

Bethenny says that her therapist suggested they go on a “team building” exercise as having been married two years, there are bumps in her marriage. Listen, the bumps have nothing to with time, but more to do with her getting pregnant and marrying a stranger.

Important to note that I love therapy but I would never socialize with my therapist, and furthermore, if there was something he wanted me and my husband to do, to make our marriage stronger, I would not take a film crew to capture every moment of our rebuilding.

Plus, what kind of a therapist agrees to have his sessions filmed for television?  Perhaps the fame whore kind, but I digress.  She is telling us that Jason was set to cook on the boat, which is interesting.  We have never seen her cook, but he is going to cook now.

She is talking about how they got hit by a wave and it was violent, yet she says Jason slept through it.  She says the Coast Guard was called to help, yet they sent a tow company to “rescue” them.  Ellen asks the logical question of why the Coast Guard did not come themselves.

Bethenny panics for a second because she did not prepare a proper lie, and scrambles to say that the Coast Guard does not do rescues unless someone is bleeding or in dire need of help.  Really?  The Coast Guard hangs around for the big stuff and sends in fishermen for the rest?

Ellen is trying to understand what happened, but Bethenny gets pissy with all the questions, and even Ellen jokes that she does not need to get mad at her, she’s just trying to figure out what happened.  Bethenny is in need of a real therapist, not a guy who plays one on TV.

Then the show got confusing because Bethenny references her “therapist” and says he’s a great sailor, and refers to a video we saw, but we were shown nothing.  Did they show footage, then edit it out?  Did Ellen realize it was a big scam and did not want her show to be a part of it?

Ellen comments that the guy who towed her in went to the press and complained that she did not tip him. He’s actually commented here on my blog, and his issue was not with the tip, but with the fabrication of her story.  It simply did not happen as she would like us to believe.

Bethenny assures us she did tip him, and would have even slept with him as a thank you.  If she were single, that would be quite funny.  But considering she is married, and a mother,  it was not funny, but vulgar. It’s so sad that this is the legacy she is creating for her kid.

Ellen jokingly tells Bethenny the tow guy is there, and all color drains from her face before Ellen can tell her it’s a joke.  That is brilliant television.  Then all the fun ends when Bethenny does a segment on how to save money and be fashionable. Why would we care about her opinion?

It’s a silly set up for her talk show and I’m not watching.  The thought of a Bethenny talk show is unfathomable to me.  That said, I will watch, and blog because while she has a lot of fans, there are just as many of us who don’t get it, and when it comes to Bethenny, like to keep it real.